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Flowers for Daily Life - EDGE Yoshiaki Cozmo Hayashi

At Garan Shimogamo, the entrance hallway, alcove and other places are decorated with flower arrangements by Mr. Hayashi, flower Designer and CEO of EDGE. We welcome you with beautiful flowers and plants.

What is the meaning of “EDGE”?

"Flowers are used to decorate the connections (en) with people, the edges (fuchi) of people's thoughts and the milestones of their lives."

It was named after this idea.

"The beauty of the gesture."

That's the word that always comes to mind when I look at Hayashi-san's work and his movement.

Today, Hayashi-san arranged clematis for Tokonoma of the Garan Shimogamo. The balance of the clematis over the slightly rotten wood is exquisite. Hydrangea of the last this year was decorated in the warehouse.

He mainly arranges flowers for shops and restaurants and also does floral arrangements for special occasions such as anniversaries.

And from this year onwards, He starts new project and converted his atelier to the flower shop from the desire to "share the joy of flower decorating”

The studio relaunched as a flower shop is located in the shopping arcade near Daitokuji

(It's diagonally across the street from Chinese Restaurant “Sakai”.)

"An unlikely flower shop"

In the next issue, I would like to introduce Hayashi's new challenge.


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