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A Story about the Chairs

Starting in July, the second floor of the warehouse was renovated and Garan Shimogamo reopened with some new furniture.

For some reason, Scandinavian modern furniture is a great fit for old Japanese houses.

We often see antique Danish furnitures in Kyoto's townhouses.

There are two things that have impressed me in welcoming the new furniture.

The first is that we found a stool which fits perfectly with the early 20th century English oval coffee table in the kitchen. We asked Mr. Nakane, who is the representative of Chair Factory Yuki in Kanagawa Prefecture, to create a stool matching this table in color, hight and appearance.


Its lovely, three-legged, beautiful form. The chair is ergonomic and naturally posture-enhancing, and it's like a sculpture. What a perfect fit for that chair for an old English table! What is a happy moment that it blends in with the Taisho-era windows of the Garan Shimogamo!

Chair Studio Yuki

Secondly, we came across a writing desk by Finn Jull, a Danish furniture maker, and a stool by Mr. Mukaiyama, who runs TENON, a chair workshop in Hyogo prefecture.

Mukaiyama-san himself brought the stool to Garan Shimogamo, and we were delighted when he delivered it to us! It was the moment when the "distance between us " was reduced.


What the two of them have in common is that both of them make chairs that cannot be mass-produced, but are made by human hands.

This wonderful encounter with these two chairs has transformed the values of today's society, and in an environment of anxiety It brought the true value of things and the importance of human contact.

We hope that our guests will be able to sit down at these chairs and it is more than happier that their thoughts relay to others.

"A Story about chairs."

There's a lot more to talk about, but next time


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