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We have prepared the facilities and amenities to make your stay in Kyoto more comfortable. We also offer a variety of experiences and services to make your time in Kyoto a memorable one.



Concierge Service

We are flexible and responsive to the needs of our guests. We can also provide you with recommendations for restaurants and other tourist attractions.

Shuttle Service

For guests coming from Kyoto Station, we offer a free taxi ride to Garan Shimogamo (Please make reservations at least two days in advance.)


There are two double beds upstairs. The mattresses can be adjusted according to your needs. Futon Mattresses are available for groups of 2 or more guests in the Japanese room on the first floor.

Flower Arrangement

We can arrange flowers to suit your image and budget, and deliver them at the time of your choice on the day of your stay.


There is an adjoining parking lot for guests arriving by car. Parking for up to one large vehicle is allowed.


Breakfast Box

Complemental Breakfast Box is availabel for you with a selection of breads and fruits from nearby shops.

Bread: ʼapelila
A bakery just a 10-minute walk from Garan Shimogamo for 18 years. The homemade yeast, locally produced whole wheat flour, hand squeezed rapeseed oil, etc. are carefully selected and made The result is a bread with a rich flavor that uses the yeast itself without butter or eggs.

Fruit: Organic Vege Annex

 (3 minutes walk from Garan Shimogamo)
 They sell vegetables and fruits that are grown without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers and with the future of the earth in mind.

Catering Service


Vegetarian Restaurant(Syojin Ryori)

Specializing in catering, which originally started as a grocery store that catered to temples. Yaoji brings seasonal dishes to Garan Shimogamo (*paid service Please make a reservation at least two days in advance of your desired date.)


Other catering services can be arranged upon request.



There is a selection of teas, coffee beans, and other soft drinks available at your disposal. Coffee beans are available in a variety of flavors, including sour and bitter.



Bathroom Facial Soap/Toothbrush Set/Body Towel/Shampoo/Shaving Conditioner/Body Wash/Hairbrushes /Hand Towel/Face Towel/Bath Towel


 Laundry Goods/Pajamas/Yukata


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Floor Heating / Bathtub (1.8m x 1.8m) / Shower Booth / Washbasin /Relaxation Chair / Hair Dryer

Air-conditioning & Heating / Floor Heating / IH Stove / Refrigerator /Dishwasher / Microwave Oven / Electronic Kettle / Rice Cooker

Drip Coffee Set / Coffee Maker / Cookware / Tableware

Coffee Table / 2 Stools

Living Room

Air-conditioning / Floor Heating / Low Table / Cushions / Hanger rack

Futon Set (for 3 or more people)



Floor Heating / Air-conditioning / Two Double Beds

Bedside Table / Cabinets / Air-purifier/ Reading Lights /

Writing Desk & Stool

Two Lounge Chairs / Nesting Tables / Nespresso Machine



Floor Heating / Air-conditioning / Shower Booth / Basket

Dressing Table & Stool / Walk-In Closet

Drum-Type Washing Machine /Iron / Ironing Board / Folding Table / Safe Box



 Air-Conditioning / Mini-Kitchen / Wine Cellar


Air-Conditioning / Lounge Chair / Side Table / Leading Light


Luggage Lift / Blutooth Speaker / Four Chairs (Y-Chair)

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