The Garan Shimogamo is located in the heart of the Shimogamo Delta between the Kamo River and the Takano River.

Nostalgic scenes and the naturalness of life at Shimogamo It's a town full of unexpected silence, beauty and new encounters.



The area is a fun way to discover the new aspect of Kyoto, such as Shimogamo Shrine, Tadasu No Mori Grove, and Nakaragi No Michi road with beautiful weeping cherry blossoms, and Demachi Yanagi, a neighborhood with a unique atmosphere. It is very convenient within 10-15 minutes by car to downtown area such as Gion.

By car: Approx. 10 mins to Gion Shijo; 7 minutes to the Kyoto Imperial Palace;9 mins to Nijo Castle; 10 mins to Ginkakuji(Silver Temple); 10 mins to Kinkakuji(Golden Pavillion); 11 mins to Tetugaku-no-Michi(Philosopher’s path); 15 mins to Kyoto station; 25 mins to Arashiyama.

Recommended Spots

Here are some of our favorite spots around Garan Shimogamo