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"Japanese baths have been made by plasterers since ancient times.  "

This space was born from Ario Kusumi's words.

2017-1208 shimogamo69096.jpg

The wall of the bathhouse is called "Kakiotoshi" which expresses the flow of water and ripples.


The spacious bathtub and washbasin with a polished finish. 

2017-1208 shimogamo68900.jpg

The walls of the bath tub and washbasin are finished in the same way as a sculpture when looking out the window from the bathtub.

2017-1208 shimogamo69116.jpg

Plasterer  Naoki Kusumi

Born in Hyogo Prefecture. As a son of Akira Kusumi, a charismatic craftsman, he started to learn the arts of traditional plastering from a very young age. He left his parents at 18, apprenticed under master craftsmen in various parts of Japan, and established "Naoki Kusumi Sakan Co." in 1995. He works on various artworks including exterior and interior coverings of high profile commercial, cultural and educational facilities, as well as private residences, etc., and at the same time, has been involved with restoration projects of historical buildings that require masterly expertise such as traditional tea rooms and cultural properties. You can see ideas full of high technical strength and originality inheriting the Kusumi tradition in various places around "Garan Shimogamo."

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