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Living Room

A spacious living room with a tokonoma and a continuation room.

There is the cosiness of a traditional Japanese room.


 The Shoin decorative window reflecting shadows and seasonal flowers


the four seasons in the garden seen over the wide veranda

2017-1208 shimogamo68957.jpg

the nostalgic touch of the tatami mattress.

 Flower Tadaaki Hayashi, Cozmo

Tadaaki Cosmo Hayashi is a Kyoto, Japan based floral artist. Born in Honolulu 1989, and grew up untill 3 years old. Studying at a Buddhist school to become a priest, Tadaaki opened up his enthusiasm in the world of “Ikebana” the flower arrangement. After graduation, he developed his skills working at a flower shop, and established “EDGE,” a freelance job, promoting “SOUKA way of floral decoration.” The idea is trying to establish a colorful life respectfully with arranged flowers, and by doing so to connect people whoever concern. The EDGE provides seasonal floral arrangements with fresh flowers and tree branches to decorate storefronts of restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. It also creates gift flowers, bouquets and corsages for wedding and other occasions, and displays at various pop-up events using fresh as well as artificial flowers.

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