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Just by looking at it, you will naturally feel at peace, and your mind will be calmed and satisfied... Such a garden was created by Kensuke Sano

2017-1208 shimogamo68915.jpg

Sano's "unassertive" garden world, centred on the Garan stone from which it takes its name, expresses the essence of "Garan Shimogamo".

When it gets dark, the garden is lit up with lights and a different appearance from the daytime.

2017-1208 shimogamo69189.jpg

Garden Kensuke San

gardener, born in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture. After working as the head of Kyoto Garden Research Institute, he became an independent gardener. He has been involved in gardening and pruning for famous temples, shrines and shops in Kyoto as well as private residences throughout Japan. Sano's credo is "Randomness within a random act / Randomness within a random act". Just by looking at them, you will be naturally comforted, calmed and satisfied. Sano's "unassertive" garden world, with the Kyoran stone at the center, expresses the essence of Garan Shimogamo. It is the origin of the name. Please enjoy a space that is the heart of Japan.

Lighting design Chiaki Murazumi, Spangle

CEO, Lighting Design, Spangle Born in Tokyo. "Everything that is visible exists because of light. The various lights that exist around us are illuminating space. Lighting is an important element that not only provides functionality and comfort but also greatly expands our image of emotion, expectation, scale, and time, etc.” Murazumi said. She proposes lighting design that connects people's feelings and space. At “Garan Shimogamo,” her lighting designs express the gentle light that illuminates the garden looking down from the floor, to see a magical world which is revealed when the Kura, a traditional Japanese warehouse, is opened.

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